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"It's more than just the passing of an era."





"If you ain't drinkin', The Hankies are stinkin'!"

Snotty Scotty


For over 35 years, Snotty Scotty and The Hankies have entertained with their inimitable, and unpredictable musical style. While holding the title of "The Definitive Cover Band" with literally hundreds of songs in their repertoire, Snotty Scotty and The Hankies also play a rich collection of original tunes, including the unforgetable Shitfaced, the haunting It's a 'Hi, Buddy' World, the controversial I Want Tequila, and many more. They have made television appearances on The Joan Rivers Show, the underground music series Music Live! and have appeared on television sets all over the world in their capacity as The Official Band of world famous Pasadena Doo Dah Parade. Scotty describes his fellow musicians in the band by saying "Those are The Hankies."


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"The Greatest Bar Band of All Time."

Pasadena Weekly


Santa Scotty lectures bass player Drake on what it takes to be a good boy.

Drake tells Santa Scotty to fuck off.




What can be said about Snotty Scotty that hasn't already been said by creditors, bookies, loan sharks and OG rap masters. Snotty Scotty, frankly is a legend, and like all legends is open to a certain amount of truth. Bertrand Russell once said that Snotty Scotty would be the world's greatest philosopher if only could stop singing. But stop he can't, and the world is better off for it. A truly gifted musician, Scotty performs most of the band's lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar. "I am Snotty Scotty, and I am the Grand Marshall of the Doo Dah Parade, so I can do whatever the fuck I want!" And he pretty much does. A big tip to the tip jar just might get you your request, then again..... The range of songs in his repertoire makes Snotty Scotty one of the most versatile song stylists ever to come along. "Perry Como could never do what I do," Scott might say. "but then, he is dead. You couldn't really expect him to do what I do." Scotty's vocals can be piercing, they can be mellow, hard, soft, wet, dry, dusty, shiny, efforvescent, Andalusian, ambrosia-like, organic, vermillion, oriental, occidental, accidental, residential, and quintessential. You just sort of have to hear to know what we're talking about.





STEVE (Hot Coffee) BRUEN (aka There's Trouble Bruen) (Lead guitar, vocals)

A thirty-five year veteran of Snotty Scotty and the Hankies, Steve Bruen is one of the greatest guitar players in the world. Eric Clapton recently said of Steve Buren, "Who?" If only you knew, Eric, you would be smelling the competition. Not content with just The Hankie thing, Steve also has played in other bands, like Jumpstart, Los Chumps and The Brooks Brothers. Steve's musical influences are Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Archie Bell & The Drells. Women would line up outside his dressing room if he ever had one. But sorry girls, he is in a relationship.


BILLY BOOGER (Scott's Little Brother) (Drums, bass, vocals)

The multi-talented, musically versatile, sonicly supercharged Billy Booger can beat up a storm on the drums and then shift to bass or just shove Scott out of the way and sing lead. Also a member of the bands Aluminum Marshmallow and The Brooks Brothers, Billy is an all-star champ musician and so hilarious you sometimes find yourself on the barroom floor rolling in laughter and stale beer. Recently he had a chair thrown at him. His rendition of Takin' Care of Business to the tune of San Antonio Rose is an all-time classic. With his version of Kung Fu Fighting, Billy makes listeners forget who sang the original tune. And sorry, girls. He is taken.


RAGHEAD (aka Les Static) (Bass, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, woodwinds & brass, vocals)

He got his name from the rags he wears on his head. Raghead wore doo rags from before they were called doo rags. At special events, like the Doo Dah Parade, his head and body are covered with hundreds of colorful hankerchiefs. He takes being a Hankie more literally than any other member of the band. During the course of his checkered career with The Hankies, Raghead has been lead guitar, bass player, but also seems to own and be able to play any instrument in the known universe. Plus he can turn somersaults while playing his leads. And tall? Like a skyscraper. Raghead has played with many other bands like Aluminum Marshmallow, The Wrecktangles, Leslie and The Neilsons, and Plush Pony,


DRAKE (Bass, keyboards, vocals, Scottish dialects)

He seems like the quiet one, until he decides to talk. Drake is awildman on the keyboards, and when he plays bass, he lays down a solid bottom end, even when the band is not sure what song they are playing. Drake is a rascal among rascals. His flowing long hair and dashing good looks gives girls the shivers and has caused more than one boyfriend to say, "Wow, what happened there?" In his spare time Drake says he likes to clip his fingernails. "It helps my playing, although sometimes I use a pick," he said with a wry twinkle in his eye. Fans flock to hear his delicious bass lines.


PETER BURKE (aka Pork Boots) (Drums, vocals)

When Billy Booger is unavailable, Peter Burke usually holds down the fort on drums. Peter Burke is one of the most sought after drummers in Los Angeles and has played with so many bands that he thinks whenever he sees 4 people standing together that he probably should be playing drums with them. A regular with the Southern California band Rob Rio, and the mainstay drummer for Los Chumps, Peter Burke is a star. Sometimes billed as "the greatest drummer in Sierra Madre, California," Peter realizes that that is no real distinction. He plays so many styles of drumming that he is considered a "drummer's drummer. A not-so-famous movie and TV director describes Peter Burke's drum technique as "tasty." Actor John Cassavettes once said, "Peter Burke could be my brother, but only if we had the same parents."



Used Hankies:

Scores of musicians have played with Snotty Scotty & The Hankies over the years. Included are:

Jonathan Laidig (aka The Judge) (bass & vocals)

Chester Crill (aka Max Buda) (fiddle, vocals)

Freddie Johnson (aka A Tad Rad) (bass, vocals)

Buggs (Drums, Vocals)






Snotty Scotty began playing music in his childhood. In junior high school he linked up with guitarist Steve Bruen to start The Hankies, and the rest is history. They have played together ever since, except for when Steve left the band for a while. But he came back. Billy Booger is next in line in terms of Hankie longevity.

Snotty Scotty and The Hankies have closed down more bars than the Los Angeles Police Department. Many bar owners shutter and worry that they might be next when Snotty Scotty and The Hankies play their club. Rest In Peace:




Hazels #2

The Loch Ness Monster

The County Jail

Richard's Inn

The Raven & The Rose

The Sunset











"Snotty Scotty and The Hankies were our mentors. We bow down to them."

Steve Vargas of Horses On Astroturf



"I don't think I have heard of them."

George W. Bush



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